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Do you have a vision living full-time in an RV to travel the country, explore and be free?  Are you worried about what it would cost to do this?  As you may know, it all depends on many factors, like what type of RV will you have and how often will you be traveling and spending money on fuel.  Do you plan to have a Thousand Trails campground membership so that you don’t have to pay nightly campsite fees?  Will you be dry camping most of the time? 

A lot of factors are to consider and will make all the difference.  In this video, we share ALL of our expenses that it cost us in our entire 1st year to live full time in our motorhome.  By doing so, we truly hope to give you a very good idea of what it could cost you in a 40′ motorhome, pulling a 3,560 lb tow car and utilizing the Thousand Trails membership.  

Route Planning Apps

Don’t miss this episode and all the helpful full time RV living apps that LivinRVision shares in this episode!  There is something new that has not been shared publicly at the time of this recording, so be sure to watch to the end and then, stick around for the bloopers! 🤪

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Remote Work Resources!

Wanting to live the Full-Time RV lifestyle but need remote work to do it?  Check out these great resources and ideas in this video!

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