Your Visions Matter

Follow Your Vision, Take Action and Be Free!

Visionaries Make Their Dreams Come True.

It is so important to create a vision in order to follow your dreams. You need to take actionable steps to turn your vision into a reality. One thing is for sure and that is – you will never have any regrets if you do.  If you don’t take action and follow your vision, you will always live life with regrets and wonder what could have beenWe stopped dreaming and started taking the necessary steps to make our vision come true. We followed our vision to live full time in an RV while traveling the country so that we could be free. As Walter R. Muller once said – “The difference between visionaries and dreamers is that visionaries make the dreams come true.” 

Have you ever noticed that those who have become very successful in life have made many failed attempts but yet they never gave up? Those who always act upon their visions seem to always end up making their dreams come true. 

If this is your vision too then you should do something about it now while you can. It is your dream and your vision. We are not suggesting that you jump right in without careful planning. We are suggesting that you start as soon as you can, while you can.


Step 1: Take a Deep Breath.

You are not the only one that’s been on this roller-coaster ride. Fear is a natural feeling that we all have but it is ultimately up to us all to decide if we will let fear take control. Don’t allow it to take away your visions from becoming reality. This is your life and your vision so don’t leave yourself thinking, “what if?” By moving forward with your plans you will always be glad you did. 


Step 2: Start Doing Your Research.

Now is the time to get serious. Start looking for the type of home (RV) that you will want to live in. Research and discuss the pros and cons of each type of RV. For example: Is it important for you (or someone that is with you) to be able to get up and walk to the restroom without stopping somewhere to pull over? If so then a motorhome may be your best choice. Some fifth wheels have slides that cover some inside areas when traveling. Those models do not have access to certain areas while traveling. Is it important to have an RV with less to worry about? If so, then an Airstream may be your best choice as the quality is good and there are less moving parts to worry about.

Do you want more of a spacious home feeling? Then a fifth wheel may be your best choice. Do you want a tow car that gets good gas mileage while you are exploring? Do you need a more self-contained RV? Do you plan to stay at RV resorts and campgrounds or do you prefer dry camping with no hookups? There are so many factors to be considered.


Step 3: Share your Idea

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with others. One thing that surprised us when we started sharing our idea was the number of people that had the same idea or they knew someone that did also. You will soon find out that it is not such a crazy idea after-all.

By sharing your idea, not only will you realize how normal it is but it will inspire you even more to move forward with your plans.


Step 4: Set a Date

When you have set a date for a goal it holds you accountable. If you have decided to sell your house, don’t procrastinate!

I was a realtor myself and I know that the one thing that scares people is: “What will I do if our house sells before we are ready to move?” 

Here are a few options:

  • At the time you receive an offer, it is not unusual to ask the buyer if they would be willing to rent the house back to you after closing until you are ready to move. You will be surprised how often this works out for both parties. We have done this twice ourselves.
  • Rent an apartment on a month to month lease that is furnished. Some apartment complexes hire a company that furnishes the apartment and you simply pay the rent in one lump sum. When you are ready to take off on your new adventures, you will already have everything stored away. This will help by having less to worry about.
  • You can also simply ask the buyer if you can move the closing date further out. 

We truly hope this has helped and we appreciate your support by watching our YouTube channel!

Safe travels, Visionaries!

~ 😊Brian & 🤓Michelle