Your Visions Matter

Big Visions + Big Actions = Big Results.

Even if You Start Small and Start Now, You are One Step Closer to Your Big Visions Becoming Reality

Our belief is that it’s so important to follow your visions and take any actionable steps you can to get closer to your visions.  Why do we use the term Visions? Because as Walter R. Muller once said, “The difference between visionaries and dreamers, is that visionaries make the dreams come true.”  That’s just it, we wanted our visions to come true. We were done dreaming.

It is true that bigger isn’t always better, but look around at those who have become so successful.  Some have failed many times but yet they never give up.  In fact, those who always Go Big and act upon their visions seem to always end up making their visions come true. 

Sometimes going small can make people lose focus and give up on their visions and get sidetracked by new ideas.  That will indeed keep you from making your true visions become your reality.

We are not saying to jump right in without taking the actionable steps that are required to make your visions become your reality.  What we suggest is to start right away and jump in big.  Start your planning, don’t procrastinate, proceed with downsizing and get rid of what you can do without. That in itself was such a big relief of burden on us when we did this.  It was tough at first but what a relief to downsize and realize all the things we didn’t really need. 

Set a Date

When you have set a date for a goal and you have decided to sell your Sticks and Bricks don’t procrastinate and start the process of selling your home.  I was a realtor myself and I know there’s one thing that really scares people and that is, “What will I do if our house sells before we’re ready to move?”  Here are a few options:

  • At the time of the offer ask the buyer if they would be willing to rent the house back to you after closing until you are ready to move. You will be surprised how often this works out for both parties.
  • This can be a time to help you get what you are going to put in storage done early and then rent an apartment that rents month to month and is furnished.  When you are ready to take off on your new life adventures, you will already have everything stored away.  That is one less thing you have to worry about during the process of buying your “home on wheels”.
  • Ask the buyer if you can move the closing date out further.  Take advantage of this opportunity to push things along.  It will keep you from letting fear stop your visions from becoming reality because you will find yourself more motivated and inspired.  You will be ready to close the gap to be where you want to be.  Either way, by the time you list your house for sale you should be at the point where you are ready to make things happen. 😊🤓

Take a Deep Breath

Breathe and relax. 😃 You are not the only one that’s been on this roller-coaster🎢.  Fear is a natural feeling that we all have but it is ultimately up to you to decide if you will let fear take control and keep you from allowing your visions from becoming reality.  This is your life and your vision, so don’t leave yourself thinking “What if I did?”  By going forward with your plans, you will always be glad you did instead of wondering what it “could have been”.

Share your Idea

Don’t be afraid 🙀 to share your idea.  One thing that really stood out to us when we started sharing our idea was the number of people we talked to.  They either had the same visions as us or they knew someone that is doing the same thing or knew someone that is thinking about doing the same thing.  We were blown away by the number of people! In fact, there were more people than those who just didn’t seem to get the concept.  By sharing your idea, not only will you realize how normal your idea really is but it will inspire you even more to move forward with your plans.