Why we Went From a CLASS A to an AIRSTREAM: Pros vs. Cons and Regrets?

In this video, join us as we present an exciting journey into the world of RV adventures, taking you on a tour of our RV. So, we spent our first two years in a 2009 class A diesel pusher, and after figuring out what we liked and didn’t like about it, we decided to switch to a 2018 33-foot Airstream Classic. Today, we will share our pros and cons and what we’ve learned along the way.

Pros of Airstream: Feel safer driving – less anxiety compared to driving a motorhome. Less maintenance required. Simpler and quicker setup and teardown process. Shorter height allows for easier navigation without requiring an RV-specific GPS. No slides to worry about, reducing chances of mechanical failure. Higher quality interior and exterior with no cheap panels or stapled wood. Less chance of roof leaks due to the rounded aluminum roof design. Better heating, cooling, and noise insulation. Bigger bathroom, with more counter space and a large shower. No washer and dryer taking up space, with the option to use campground facilities. Diesel trucks hold their value better and make more financial sense.

Cons of Airstream: The sink in the bathroom splatters water on the walls. Less space and storage in an Airstream than a Class A motorhome. Smaller closet size. No onboard generator. Having to pull over to use the bathroom, as the Airstream is a towed RV rather than a motorized one. Limited bedroom space in their specific Airstream model (33 Classic). Less comfortable seating in the theater seats, as they don’t recline. Poor placement of the desk seat, which makes it difficult for someone to pass by when another person is seated at the desk.

In summary, our experience with the Class A motorhome and the Airstream has taught us much about what we value in our RV life. So, if you’re considering an Airstream or any RV, consider your specific circumstances and what will work best for you. If you’re inspired to learn more and dive deeper into this unique way of life, watch the full video for all the details, tips, and experiences we’ve shared.

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