This week on LivinRvision, we tour America’s largest home and estate, Biltmore in Asheville, NC. In this episode, we take you on an extensive tour through this massive estate and mansion which was built by George Vanderbilt. When we first arrived at the entrance to the estate, we were blown away at the long drive just to get to the parking lot. The “driveway” alone was impressive, but that was just the beginning! This place is HUGE! There was plenty of places to park our Grech RV Strada-Ion…aka “Mini Vinny 2.0”.

From the parking lot, we take the shuttle bus to the Biltmore home (mansion), and as we browse around and take in the amazing views around the mansion and then through the gardens, we were awestruck! Wow, what a beautiful walk! Next, we make our way back and through the interior of the mansion that just left our jaws dropped. It doesn’t stop there!

Next to the mansion are restaurants including one with the booths made from the old horse stables and even a bakery…did I mention a bakery? Then we take the shuttle back to the van and drive down to Antler Hill Village (still part of the Estate) which has a winery, more restaurants, a museum, farm, ice cream shop, live music and more. The day we were there, they even had a sheep herding demonstration which was fascinating to witness. This is a MUST SEE!