Van Life Travels Through Virginia History

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On this episode of LivinRvision, we are starting where we left off last week and heading to Virginia to explore some American Civil War history. Our first stop takes us to the Petersburg National Battlefield Eastern Front where we find the first interesting story and Civil War debacle. Then we make a stop in the old downtown area of Petersburg, VA to find a good place to eat. Next we drive up to Fredericksburg, VA where we spend a couple days.

Before heading out of Fredericksburg, I remembered a Civil War historical site that my cousin took me to about 10 years ago when I went out to visit him. Any place that I have visited without Michelle, I always want to take her to so that I have memories of those places to share with her and not just to myself. I always hated to see things without her when I was traveling for work. This place is called, Chatham Manor and it is only open until 5 pm. We don’t finish working until after 5pm, so we decided to get up early and drive over to the Chatham Manor parking lot and work until lunch and then take a 30 minute lunch break to quickly explore the property and get as much video footage as we can so that we could share the history with our viewers. I remember some of the history to Chatham Manor but learned even more on this short tour, especially afterwards when I was editing this video and learned even more as I pieced it together.

There are some staggering stories of these two areas of our countries sad history, so be sure you stick around for the entire video!

We hope you enjoy it! We hope you enjoy and have a few laughs along the way! 😁🤓

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