Traveling to The Rocky Mountains National Park in Early May!

On this episode of LivinRvision, we are making our way through Colorado to the Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. We haven’t been to this area since 2013 because the weather and road conditions are usually risky even year that we are making our way back to Iowa to visit family and friends.

Our first stop along the way is an overnight stay at a Harvest Host location in Georgetown, Colorado. The most exciting thing about staying at a Harvest Hosts location, is the unknown. Each place is unique and different than the other, including the food, the people and the views!

Next, we find a place to dump our tanks and fill our fresh water and treat ourselves to a stay at a lodge in Estes Park! We don’t do this very often at all, but it just seemed appropriate this time, especially with it being so close to Michelle’s birthday.

The next morning Michelle finds a treasure of a pie place before we head out to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This episode is FULL of moments of various emotions, including plenty of laughs. Y’all know we love to brighten everyone’s day. 🧡😊🤓