Taming the Death Wobble: A Guide to Fixing the Terrifying Steering Issue in Ford Super Duty Trucks

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The Death Wobble is a terrifying experience for any driver of a Ford Super Duty truck or other vehicles with a solid front axle. As many of you know, we owned a 2020 Ford F250 while we lived and traveled in the 2018 Airstream Classic 33FB. So the dreaded “death wobble” was always on our minds as a concern. This phenomenon occurs when the steering wheel shakes violently due to an imbalance in the steering components. Though it may seem daunting, the solution to the Death Wobble is simpler than you might think. In this post, we will explore the cause of this issue, the fix, and the benefits of installing a dual stabilizer kit.

Understanding the Death Wobble

The Death Wobble is not exclusive to Ford Super Duty trucks but is a common issue related to all solid front axles. In fact, RAM trucks also experienced this issue until they upgraded their steering link joints with heavy-duty parts after 2014. The primary cause of the Death Wobble is the wear and tear of steering joints, leading to an imbalance in the steering components.

The Fix

The first step in fixing the Death Wobble is identifying the joint or joints with even the slightest movement and replacing those parts. In some cases, it may be the drag link joint, while in others, it could be the tie rod joints. However, it is essential to address the underlying cause of the imbalance, not merely mask it with a stabilizing kit.

The Dual Stabilizer Kit

Installing a dual stabilizer kit is highly recommended after addressing the cause of the Death Wobble. This kit not only takes the force off the joints to prevent premature wear but also stops any imbalance from happening. The result is a smoother and tighter driving experience, with the truck handling poor road conditions like never before.

The Icon gas-charged shocks of the ICON Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit (36511-65000) for 2005-2020 F250 & F350 trucks offer an exceptional driving experience without adding resistance to the steering wheel.

The Benefits of the Fix

After installing the dual stabilizer kit and addressing the cause of the Death Wobble, drivers have reported a remarkable improvement in their trucks' handling. The rough surface of the road no longer transfers to the steering wheel, making for a more comfortable and enjoyable drive. With the kit installed, many have traveled thousands of miles without any wobble or significant movement in the steering wheel.


Taming the Death Wobble is not only possible but also relatively simple. By identifying and replacing the worn-out joints and installing a dual stabilizer kit, you can transform your Ford Super Duty truck's handling and enjoy a smoother, wobble-free driving experience.

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