4 of the “Mighty Five” in 48 Hours! How Much Can You See? (Part 1)

On this episode of LivinRvision, we’re going to FOUR National Parks in one weekend! We’ve already been to Zion about 4 years ago and this weekend we are going to explore the remaining four Utah National Parks to complete what is known as, The Mighty Five. You may be wondering is that enough time? Why … Read more

Big Changes in Las Vegas for RVers

On this episode of LivinRvision, we are talking about some big changes in Las Vegas for RVers since we were last here. Like many cities across the country, Las Vegas is always making changes, keeping things new and interesting to keep tourists and locals entertained. Sometimes there are changes made that aren’t so favorable, for … Read more

Best Built & Highest Quality Class B Vans Available!

On this episode of LivinRvision, we’re going to take a tour of the factory that builds the best built luxury Class B motorhome in the world! Over 5 years now, we’ve been traveling and living full-time in various RVs. We’ve not only lived the life experiencing the different RV build qualities, we’ve also been living … Read more

Thinking of Buying an RV? You Need to Hear This First!

On this episode of LivinRvision, we are going to share some very important information that you really need to hear before buying your next RV. Are you having troubles deciding what type of RV you should buy that will make your travel experiences less stressful and more enjoyable? Watch this… We hope this is helpful. … Read more

Whiteface Mountain | Bolton Landing – Lake George | NEW Workstation in VAN

whiteface mountain

On this episode of LivinRvision, we leave Mirror Lake Inn after a two day weekend stay, which we shared in last weeks video. Now we are on our way to the Whiteface Mountain Observatory to the summit and catch some amazing views! We thought the weather conditions were going to hinder us from enjoying these … Read more