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This week on LivinRVision, we spend some time in Charleston, SC, and tour the city to learn more about Charleston's amazing history.

We start off driving, "Mini Vinny 2.0" (The Grech RV Strada-Ion) through the downtown area of Charleston and make our way over to The Battery. This is also the site of where an enslaved crewmember (Robert Smalls) on a ship called the Planter commandeered a heavily armed Confederate ship and delivered its 17 black passengers (nine men, five women, and three children) from slavery to freedom, all in the midst of the Civil War.

We find all sorts of history within the downtown area as well as great restaurants and the Charleston City Market. The next day we decided to go to Johns Island, where we witnessed The Angel Oak Tree. This Southern Live Oak tree is a historical site and focal point of one of the City of Charleston's public parks. It is considered to be the largest Live Oak Tree east of the Mississippi estimated to be 300 to 400 years old. While you're in this area, don't forget to stop at the Angel Oak Restaurant! You will NOT be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy the show!

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