“Rough Start” to a Rocky Mountain Getaway in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

On this episode of LivinRvision, we’ve made it to Colorado finally! To start off our Colorado trip, we noticed a problem with our Elwell Timberline Heater with the van that started this trip off putting a damper on our moods. We weren’t going to let it ruin our plans for Michelle’s early birthday getaway in the Rocky Mountains at Glenwood Hot Springs though!

We were here in 2013 and stayed at the “haunted” Hotel Colorado, but not this time! Nopey nope! 👻😱 We stay next door, which this time and let me tell ya, it was such an enjoyable time, that we highly recommend going here! But this isn’t all about our enjoyment, sit back and enjoy as we tell you the story of the amazing history of Glenwood Springs, Colorado!