Our NEW RV Setup: Full Time RV Living After Two Years

In this video, join us as we take you on an exciting tour of our Airstream, showcasing its features, storage options, and unique aspects that make it our perfect home on wheels. We will share our experience with the Airstream, its layout, and how we have customized it to suit our needs. So, let’s dive into the details and explore this amazing RV together!

During the tour, we discuss our love for the Airstream’s natural light, thanks to its large windows and skylights. We also highlight the practical aspects of the RV, such as the Firefly control panel, which allows us to control lights, temperature, and fans throughout the vehicle. Our Airstream is also equipped with a projector, creating a theater-like experience in the comfort of our own home on wheels. You’ll find plenty of storage in the kitchen, soft-close drawers, and a comfortable dining area. The bathroom is one of our favorite parts, featuring a spacious shower, ample storage, and a Kohler faucet. We also share the details of our bedroom, which offers a cozy sleeping area and additional storage compartments.

Outside the Airstream, we showcase various storage compartments, the battery compartment, the wet bay, and propane tanks. We emphasize how Airstream has utilized every inch of space, making the most of the curved design to provide ample storage options.

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