Our New RV Reveal is Finally Here! The Mission Inn

In this video, we present an in-depth tour of our temporary residence, the historic Mission Inn Hotel, and Spa in Riverside, California, while awaiting the readiness of our new RV. We delve into the hotel’s architectural charm and unique attractions and share our culinary experiences in the surrounding area.

The video opens with us exploring the Mission Inn, a property rich in history that began as a simple boarding house in 1876, and grew into a full-service hotel by the early 1900s. This architectural marvel houses valuable art pieces from across the globe and features four distinctive wings. We embark on a self-guided “Get Lost” tour, exploring its intriguing corners, stairways, and hidden spots. We also document our dining experiences, including the generous servings at Gram’s Mission Bar-B-que and the delights of a nearby cupcake shop. A surprise spa treatment adds to the charm of our stay at the hotel. We also delve into the hotel’s history, particularly highlighting its world-renowned collection of bells.

Our stay at the Mission Inn concludes with the arrival of our new RV, in which we are ambassadors. We set off on our journey back to Florida, anticipating the adventures that await us. We commit to providing an honest review of our experiences in the new RV, ensuring our viewers receive a true representation of our journey. Tune into our channel for future updates and to learn more about our experiences with the new RV.

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