Next Stop…Upstate New York’s Finest!

On this episode of LivinRvision, we are on our way to see some of upstate New York’s finest! Before leaving Wilmington Notch Campground, we take a quick 5 minute walk down to the beautiful Falls right there at the campground. This was one of the most exhausting 5 minute hikes we can ever remember taking. 😩😰

Next we drive just one mile down the road to High Falls Gorge for another short hike to see the gorgeous Falls and learn some very interesting and mind blowing history. Then we make our way down the road just 8 miles to Lake Placid where we visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum and learn more history about the Olympics and one of the most amazing true stories in Olympic history!

Now it’s time for a special treat! We are staying at the Mirror Lake Inn for a weekend of pampering at one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed at! The views, food and amenities that this place provides will leave you wanting more. We absolutely fell in love with the Mirror Lake Inn so much that we want to come back for sure! Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself in this episode.