In this episode of, LivinRvision, we continue to boondock our way North in the our Grech RV Strada-Ion and we make a stop in Asheville, North Carolina! As you know, we like to utilize our Harvest Hosts membership as much as possible, so before our stop in Asheville, NC, we stop at a Harvest Host called, R.M. Rose Distillery. This place has some very long history to it that we found very interesting. This is what we love so much about utilizing the Harvest Hosts locations during our travels. It forces us to stop at so many different unique places and we end up learning even more history (and of course, finding more great foods and drinks as well). Speaking of restaurants, we then make our way to a Mexican Restaurant with another unique feature in this day and time – a robot food server! We do love our Mexican food and any time we can find a new place along our travels that has good or great reviews, we try to stop.

Our next stop takes us to a small campground that we found using our AllStays app. We were needing a place to dump our tanks and this place popped up along our route, so we decided to stop and utilize this handy location which is only $5 to dump tanks here! Our next stop was yet another unplanned and unexpected stop. We were looking for a place to have dinner and found another place right along our route in a historic little town called, Dillsboro, NC. It was a great bbq place called Haywood Smokehouse that has amazing bbq and a killer Pecan Pie Cobbler! (Pie Girl approved). 🤓

We hope you enjoy this episode!