Living Full Time in an Airstream: Our First Thoughts

Airstream | Video

Living Full Time in an Airstream: Our First Thoughts

In this video, join us, Brian and Michelle Cortesio, as we share our experiences adjusting to life in a smaller living space, specifically comparing the 30-foot classic and the 33-foot classic Airstream models. We will discuss the differences in layout, features, and adaptations we have made to enhance our living experience. For those interested in learning more about living in a compact space, this video will provide valuable insights and tips on making the transition smoother.

We talk about the cozy feeling of living in a narrow space and compare the layouts of the 30-foot and 33-foot classic Airstream models. We explain that the 30-foot classic has a more open layout with a couch at the front, while the 33-foot classic packs more features into the space, including a larger bathroom, a cedar closet, and theater seats with a projector screen. We also discuss the low chair that comes with the 33-foot classic’s desk area, sharing our plans to modify it by adding an under-the-desk keyboard tray.

In addition, we emphasize the abundant natural light that floods the Airstream, a feature we particularly enjoy. We also mention our newfound ease in moving around, as we no longer have to deal with the cumbersome process of retracting and extending slides as we did in our previous Class A motorhome. We touch on our experience using the oven in our new living space, expressing satisfaction with its performance.

To conclude, the video is an informative and engaging account of our journey adapting to life in a smaller Airstream. We share useful tips and modifications to help viewers make the most of their compact living spaces. If you want to learn more about our experiences and explore our insights, watch the video, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel for more content.

And, should you wish to contribute to our ongoing endeavors and assist us in generating enriching content, chronicling our experiences, and motivating others to delve into RV escapades, we kindly invite you to consider offering a financial contribution. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your involvement in our community and for fostering our passion for exploration and discovery.

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