Camping Downtown Chicago? FOR HER BIRTHDAY?!

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Before heading to Chicago, we swing by a couple very quick stops in Mansfield, Ohio to learn more history. Then it was time to start our trek to Chicago with no camping reservations, no Cracker Barrel and no Walmart to stay at near downtown Chicago. Michelle wants to celebrate her birthday downtown Chicago and we figured we were going to have to camp on the outside edges of Chicago and drive through the horrific traffic to the downtown area and then search for somewhere to park our 24′ Grech RV Strada-Ion. Luckily, we found a place that ended up being perfect for what we needed and we would definitely recommend this place. We ended up staying there a few nights while working and then we took the day off for Michelle’s birthday. You’ll never guess where she wanted to go…Wrigley Field! She wanted to do a tour to learn more history about the ball park and see a Cubs night game. So we got an Uber and spent an entire day checking out the area and restaurants…oh yes and we started the day off with some amazing “birthday donuts”! You must try this place if you ever go there! They also have a good selection of gluten free donuts that Michelle said she thought they tasted even better than the regular donuts and even the regular donuts were VERY good!

It was time to start our 90 minute tour of Wrigley field and all we can say is, WOW! This is a tour that is well worth your time and money! Next, we stop by the Cubs shop to grab Michelle a couple birthday gifts and then take a walk to a restaurant called, Happy Camper. Yes, Happy Camper, and the food was delicious! A must try! They even had a yummy birthday desert!

We ended the night with a spectacular game and Michelle says she had an amazing birthday. and that’s what mattered most to me. You know the saying. 😁 →🤓

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