]In this video, join us as we explore the hidden gems of Myrtle Beach without the crowds, take a trip down to Huntington Beach State Park, and indulge in some budget-friendly buffet dining. We’ll be sharing our experiences and offering tips on how to make the most of your Myrtle Beach adventure while staying at a local campground.

During our stay at the campgrounds, we’ll show you some of the activities available for those who want a break from the beach. We’ll introduce you to the pier, where you can rent fishing equipment and a day pass for just $24. If you’re a food lover, we’ll share our find of Judy Boone’s buffet place in Merle’s Inlet, offering a satisfying dining experience for just $10 per person. Plus, we’ll give you a glimpse of their seafood buffet night, priced at only $13.99.

We also venture down to the beautiful Huntington Beach State Park, home to Atalaya Castle – the former winter residence of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington and her husband Archer Milton Huntington. We’ll take you on a tour of this 30-room castle, showcasing its Spanish-inspired architecture and giving you a peek into the lives of its famous residents. Finally, we’ll check out the Huntington State Campground, an alternative lodging option for your Myrtle Beach getaway.

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