Why We’re Selling the Airstream. 3RVs in 3 Years!

In this video, join us as we delve into the reasons why we’ve decided to sell our beloved Airstream, Stella, and embark on the next chapter of our RV journey. We will share our experiences, provide insight into the maintenance and issues we’ve encountered, and reveal some exciting news about our upcoming plans. Throughout our … Read more


]In this video, join us as we explore the hidden gems of Myrtle Beach without the crowds, take a trip down to Huntington Beach State Park, and indulge in some budget-friendly buffet dining. We’ll be sharing our experiences and offering tips on how to make the most of your Myrtle Beach adventure while staying at … Read more

Our NEW RV Setup: Full Time RV Living After Two Years

In this video, join us as we take you on an exciting tour of our Airstream, showcasing its features, storage options, and unique aspects that make it our perfect home on wheels. We will share our experience with the Airstream, its layout, and how we have customized it to suit our needs. So, let’s dive … Read more

Living Full Time in an Airstream: Our First Thoughts

In this video, join us, Brian and Michelle Cortesio, as we share our experiences adjusting to life in a smaller living space, specifically comparing the 30-foot classic and the 33-foot classic Airstream models. We will discuss the differences in layout, features, and adaptations we have made to enhance our living experience. For those interested in … Read more


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