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Hello and welcome to LivinRVision!
We are Brian & Michelle and we’re so glad you’re here!  We would like to personally invite you to follow our adventures on YouTube, for inspiration, entertainment, advice and how-to videos.  If you’re looking for something new and have a vision, you may have already discovered that it’s not going to go away.  Whatever you want in life, it is ultimately YOUR decision and we’re not here to influence you.  We’re here to inspire those who DO want this lifestyle and need the inspiration to help realize that your visions CAN become your reality…that’s why we created LivinRVision.
There was a time when nothing seemed to be enough.  We seemed to have everything we wanted and needed, but in reality we didn’t.  We soon realized that the things we had were not making us happy.  There was something missing…and then it hit us.  It was all the trips we had taken over the years that truly sparked our love for travel.  It was those moments spending time together that filled our hearts with some of the most meaningful and memorable moments of our lives.  It was those moments that made us feel like we were living.  The things we had were just distractions of the latest thing to create short-lived excitement followed by an empty feeling.  Vacations were few and far between with limited time off from work and not always being able to make the most of our time when we did go on a vacation.  There never seemed to be enough time to do all we wanted to do.
This is when the visions of traveling full time sparked.  I asked Michelle, “what if we could work remotely and travel in an RV?”  At first she thought I was losing my mind!  That one question then opened our minds to all the advantages. We could spend our evenings and weekends enjoying the places where we stay. We could have a different office view anywhere and anytime we wanted. We would meet other like-minded  fellow RVers and meet new friends. Regardless of where we go we would always have our home and things with us.   Our home would be whatever climate we felt like living in and be able to stay in that climate for as long as we like.  If health issues were to arise with a family member, we would have options.  We could take our home with us and be close by our family with the RV and work without taking too much time off, or we could put our “home” in storage and take a flight back and still have our laptops for work if needed.
With our heads full of ideas we decided to do some research on YouTube.  We searched nearly every day and followed countless RV channels.  Soon Michelle realized I wasn’t the only one with this “crazy” idea. 😜  She started to ask questions and it was then that she was hooked on the idea.
So with both having some understandable worries and fears, we decided to follow our vision, take a leap of faith and just go for it!  After all, we never know what tomorrow will bring and if we can make this possible now before retirement, then why not?!  Now we can at least look back and always say we did it, instead of living with the “I wish we would of” regret.
So it began…first was a garage sale, advertising our “stuff” for sale and de-cluttering our house.  We then listed our “Sticks and Bricks” for sale with frequent open houses, which became our new weekend pastime.  Within two months it was sold and our new life had transformed!  There were moments of “what did we just do”, but the excitement of this new lifestyle kept us excited and focused!
Now, we are taking our time and enjoying the sites and adventures at our own pace and not feeling the stress of making sure we did everything on the itinerary before our last day in the area.  The benefits of this lifestyle keep accumulating!  Without a doubt, we are livin’ our vision!
Follow us and we will share what we have learned along the way.
~Brian & Michelle