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We are Brian & Michelle and we’re so glad you are here! We would like to personally invite you to follow our adventures on YouTube. Our content is meant for travel destinations, inspiration, entertainment, reviews, plenty of laughs and how-to tips. 

Are you looking for something new? Do you have a dream that you want to turn into a vision of your own? Whatever you want in life, it is ultimately your decision. We are not here to tell you what you should do, we’re here to inspire those who want a similar lifestyle as we chose to live. Your dreams can become a vision and can most definitely become your reality. That’s part of the reason why we created this website and our YouTube channel called, LivinRvision. We are livin’ our vision, and we encourage you to live your vision too!

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How it all started

There was a time when nothing seemed to be enough. We seemed to have everything we wanted and needed, but in reality, something was missing. We soon realized that the “things” we had were not making us happy – and then it became clear. It was all the trips we had taken over the years that truly sparked our love for travel, and we never wanted them to end. It was those moments when we were spending time together that filled our hearts. We realized those were some of the most meaningful and memorable moments of our lives. Those were the moments that made us feel like we were living life to it’s fullest. The things we had were just distractions of the latest and greatest new thing, which created short-lived excitement followed by an empty feeling. Vacations were few and far between, with limited downtime from work. There never seemed to be enough time to do all we wanted to do and thoroughly enjoy life the way we wanted to. 

Time with family was very important to us both, but it seemed to be very limited – everyone was always busy. By traveling full-time, we realized that we would still be able to see family from time to time, and those moments when we did would be even more meaningful. With today’s technology, having computer programs like Zoom and FaceTime makes it even easier to stay in touch with your loved ones.

This was when the visions of traveling full-time in an RV ignited for me (Brian). I always had a dream of traveling in an RV, but never a vision. I then decided to ask Michelle, “what if we could work remotely and travel in an RV full time? Would you do it?” Her first response was, “No flipping way!” (I’m paraphrasing a bit). LOL!

I then began to explain to her all of the advantages that I was envisioning. We could spend our evenings and weekends enjoying the places where we park our home. We could have a different office view anywhere and anytime we wanted, meet other like-minded people in the community and make new friends. Regardless of where we go, we would always have our home and things with us. Our home would be in whatever climate we felt like living in, and we would be able to stay anywhere we wanted, pretty much as long as we wanted to. 

If health issues were to arise with a family member, we would still have options. We could take our home with us and be close to our family during those difficult times. There would be no more worries about taking too much time off from work. We would always have the option to put our home-on-wheels in storage and take a flight back to see family if whenever we want. 

With my head full of ideas, I decided to do some research on YouTube and to my surprise, my idea wasn’t so crazy after-all! I found that there were many others doing the same thing and documenting their lives on YouTube to share with family and some creating an income as well. Searching nearly every day and following countless RV YouTube channels, soon Michelle realized I wasn’t the only one with this crazy idea. She eventually started to ask questions and got intrigued by the idea of the full-time RV lifestyle.  

Of course the normal worries and fears were there, but we decided to follow our vision and take a leap of faith and go for it! You never know what tomorrow will bring and if we can make this possible now before retirement age, then why not? If it doesn’t work out, we can at least look back and say we did it and have many memories to look back on. We think that is much better than looking back later with regrets saying, “I wish we would have” or “what if?”

Our first step in preparing was a garage sale, advertising our stuff for sale and de-cluttering our house. We then listed our house for sale with frequent open houses (This became our new weekend pastime). Within two months our house was sold and our new life had transformed! There were moments of thinking “what did we just do?”, but the excitement of this new lifestyle kept us focused.

Now, we are taking our time and enjoying the sites and adventures at our own pace and visiting destinations without feeling rushed for time before our “vacation” is over. We used to have to be sure we did everything on the itinerary before flying back home from our occasional vacations. The benefits of this lifestyle keep accumulating! Of course we have bad days as everybody does, but it’s much better now. Without a doubt, we are livin’ our vision! (LivinRvision).

 ~ Brian and Michelle

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