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Are you interested in RV living full time?  This video is a great place to start!  We sell our beautiful home 🏠 and most of our “stuff”, get a storage unit, locate our new home on wheels, 🚌 load up a small uHaul and take it to Lewisville, TX 🌵where we buy our very first RV! 🚍 We really took a leap of faith and dove right in head first!  We were true “newbies”! 🤣🤓

We weren’t quite sure what to expect in our first three months of full time RV living. We have heard many stories of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” from many RVers first few months and our experience has had it’s share. However, we feel very fortunate to be where we are today.

What does it cost to live full time in an RV? If you are curious and have wondered what it costs to live full time in a Class A (Motorhome) diesel pusher, then this is the video for you. LivinRVision shares all of their costs to live full time for one full year!

“The difference between visionaries and dreamers is that visionaries make the dreams come true.”

~ Walter R. Muller

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