The difference between visionaries and dreamers, is that visionaries make the dreams come true.

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We are Brian & Michelle and we’re so glad you are here! We would like to personally invite you to follow our adventures on YouTube. Our content is meant for inspiration, entertainment, reviews, plenty of laughs and how-to tips. 

Are you’re looking for something new and have a dream that you want to become a vision of your own? You may have already discovered like we did, that it is not going to go away. Whatever you want in life, it is ultimately your decision. We are not here to tell you what you should do, we’re here to inspire those who do want a similar lifestyle as we chose to live. Your dreams can become a vision and can most definitely become your reality. That’s why we created this website and our YouTube channel called, LivinRvision. We are livin’ our vision and you can live your vision too!

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LivinRvision Channel Trailer

Hello! We are Brian and Michelle and we are so happy you found us! On Thanksgiving of 2018, we left our sticks and bricks home and started living in an RV full time while working remotely as digital nomads and traveling the country, moving to a new location every 2 to 3 weeks! What an amazing life it has been and we see no end in sight! This short 40 second clip is just a few scenes of our first 3 years. So grab your favorite beverage and snack and start your binge watching! We have documented it all right here on, LivinRvision! ~ Brian & Michelle

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Why We Went from a CLASS A to an AIRSTREAM | Pros vs Cons and Regrets?

This Video was after 2 years living full-time in our Class A (Vinnie), when we decided to sell Vinnie to buy a truck & Airstream. Was it a good or bad choice for us? Find out!

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